About Us

About Us

We are a professional and progressive team


Lars Jeremiassen

Chief Executive Officer



Andy Haughton

Senior Director

UK Finance & Investment


Fred Bananuka

Senior Vice President

Client Relations

Morten Florin

Chief Operating Officer

Tony Vargas

Chief Technology Officer



David C. Daniel

Chief Financial Officer

Taxiarchis Kyriazis

Senior Vice President

Client Relations

Martin J. Lee

Architect & Vice President

Client Relations


Acumen Finance is a boutique financial services provider and investment company established in August 2012 in London United Kingdom. The initial business concept was to bridge the gap between companies in search of financial solutions and providers of such services.

Acumen Finance’s senior Management has a gathered experience in the financial markets of more than 100 years. Our senior management consists of officers from senior bank and large company positions, whom has been chosen to be a part of Acumen’s progressive and result orientated team, where focus is on professionalism and execution.